Concord: Sweet red winbe with strong grape flavors and pleasant fruit aroma. $16


Peach: All natural sweet Peach wine. $20


Vidal: Semi sweet white wine with flavors of pear and melon.


Cranberry:  All natural Sweet Cranberry wine. $20

Blueberry: All natural Blueberry wine. $20


Merlot Reserve 2019: A medium bodied dry red wine that has softer tannins.  Hints of black cherry, berries, plum and notes of chocolate, $25 

Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve 2019: Dry red wine high in tannins and a bold fruit flavor.  These quality wines are hand destemmed, fermented whole berry, and aged in oak barrels to bring out the complexity of the wine.   $28

Pinot Noir Reserve 2018: A dry red wine with medium tannins and fruit-forward flavore. Hints of Cherry, raspberry, and blackberry. $22


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