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Cranberry: Sweet all natural wine with wonderful flavors and a tart finish. $22

Peach:  Very fruity sweet all natural Peach wine.  $22

Blueberry: Wonderful tasty all natural Blueberry wine.  $22

Luscious Lassie: Sweet white wine blend with notes of pear, a little spice, a soft finish $16 

Black Shadow: (SOLD OUT) Sweet red blend with a very fruity taste and pleasing aroma. $16

Catawba:  (SOLD OUT)  A light sweet fruity white wine with a pleasing aroma, and a touch of tartness. $16 

Lady Liberty: Semi-Sweet white wine with a perfect combination of sweetness and spice. $16. 

Maxie Madness: Sweet light, three wine red blend with soft fruit flavors and pleasing aroma. $16 

Concord:  (SOLD OUT) A sweet red wine with a pleasant fruity jam flavor and strong grape aroma. $16 

Fredonia Rose:  A sweet red wine with hints of cherry and a pleasing crisp tart finish. $16 

Raven’s Revenge: (SOLD OUT) A sweet red, two wine blend with tart flavors and a pleasant fruity aroma. $16 

Niagara: Sweet white wine with a strong grape fruit flavor and pleasant fruit aroma. $16

Vignoles: Semi-sweet white wine, with notes of honey, apricot, with citrus finish.  $16 

Riesling: Semi-Dry white wine with citrus and floral notes, and strong fruit aroma.  $18 (Sold Out)

Blackberry: Natural blackberry fruit wine with strong fruit flavor and a drier finish. $25 (Sold Out)


Dry Wines: 

Merlot : A medium bodied dry red wine that has soft tannins with notes of, berries, plum and currant. $26

Pinot Noir: Medium bodied dry red wine with hints of blackberry and warm spice. $28 

Cabernet Sauvignon:  Full bodied dry red wine with notes of black cherry berries, licorice, and black currant $30